Winter Wonderland At Wilsons On Moosehead Lake

moosehead lake maineWinter Wonderland At Wilsons On Moosehead Lake

The snow has arrived and so has all the winter fun on Moosehead Lake Maine. Get out for some grand fun in the powder or cozy up inside for a relaxing day by the fire. You cannot go wrong with a winter trip to Wilsons on Moosehead Lake. Experience the winter wonderland and all of the exciting activities that go along with it.

Shred Some Powder

Only six miles from Wilsons on Moosehead Lake is the Big Squaw Mountain Ski Resort where you can take to the slopes. Strap into a snowboard to shred through the powder or grab a pair of skis and race down the hills. You can rent gear at the ski resort or bring your own if you would like. There are trained staff to teach you a few things if you are trying it out for the first time and excellent hills for those looking for a challenge.

Snowy Fly Fishing

Even though the snow is covering moosehead lake mainethe ground and the waters have gotten a bit colder, there are still plenty of fish and landlocked salmon waiting to bite. Take a trip through the snow to get to the open water and take the opportunity of catching a few this winter. Grab one of the fishing guides at the lodge and get in on a fun fly fishing adventure in the snow. Starting on January first, you can take to the ice for ice fishing on Moosehead Lake. With midweek lodging specials running the rest of winter and two ice fishing derbies, this winter is the perfect time to head to Wilsons On Moosehead Lake and get in on the action.

Take It Slow And Enjoy The Snow

Right at Wilsons on Moosehead Lake, you can grab snowshoes and cross country skis to take to the trails surrounding the property. The beautiful scenery of snowy landscapes are breathtaking in the winter. Kick up some snow on rented snowmobiles through the trails that surround the lodge property. If you bring a GPS and an adventure pack, you can take the snowmobiles on a bit of off-trail adventuring and get even closer to nature. There is absolutely no end to the winter fun when the snow hits.

Maine is a beautiful corner of the world in the winter time. Do not miss your chance to get out and experience it all in person. Wilsons on Moosehead Lake is where all the winter fun is right outside your cottage, and Moosehead Lake Maine is a winter wonderland waiting for you to explore. Give us a call and book your winter fun getaway this season.