Historical Attractions and Museums in Maine

Although your trip to Moosehead Lake, Maine, will be full of fishing, boating, and outdoor adventures, you’ll also be surrounded by quiet, lakeside neighborhoods and charming, historical attractions. On rainy and sunny days, with friends and family, these museums in Maine will keep you entertained and teach you something new about the past. As part of New England, Maine has a long and rich history that captivates children and adults alike. So whether you’re looking for family activities or just want to explore Wilsons on Moosehead Lake’s neighboring towns, we encourage you to visit these museums in New England.

Moosehead, Maine, Historical Society

The Moosehead Historical Society operates several local museums, named “the finest small town museums in New England” by the Maine Historical Society. Their collection of museums in Maine includes exhibits on lumberjacks, aviation, daily life, Native American culture, and more. 

If you want to learn about life as a Northwoods settler, the Center for Moosehead History and the Eveleth-Crafts-Sheridan Historical House are must-stop spots during your stay at Wilsons on Moosehead Lake. These Maine museums give insight to the early Maine Highlands communities. If you’re interested in technologies and inventions, the Moosehead Lumbermen’s Museum and the Moosehead Lake Aviation Museum are more up your alley.

The Best Marine Museums in Maine

Not only is Moosehead Lake beautiful, but it’s the largest lake in the entire state of Maine. So it makes sense that our marine museums are so good! After a visit to the museum, where you’ll learn all about the lake’s past, hop on the Katahdin steamboat for a one-of-a-kind sailing experience. The Katahdin is a National Historic Site that was built in 1914, and it still takes passengers on lake cruises today. The ship’s crew will narrate the trip with facts and stories from a century ago.

These two marine museums in Maine make for a romantic date, an enchanting family outing, or a fun day with friends. Plus, your knowledge will give you a newfound appreciation for the view from your Moosehead Lake cabins.

Historic Moosehead Lake Cabins

The Wilsons on Moosehead Lake legacy began in 1865, but our Moosehead Lake cabins are fully updated to include all the necessary modern comforts. After a day of visiting these top-notch museums in Maine, return to your cozy cottage for a hearty meal and an evening surrounded by nature. Contact us today to schedule your Maine Highlands getaway!