Maine Wildlife Photography with Wilsons on Moosehead Lake

Maine Wildlife Photography with Wilsons on Moosehead Lake

Amid the magnificent waterways and marvelous bluffs of Northern Maine rests an untapped wilderness rife with the majestic creatures that call this place home. For decades, Moosehead Lake has been considered a premier gateway to the North Maine woods and has played host to swarms of nature lovers as they seek solitude, serenity, and a taste of the wild. Perhaps one of the most popular activities enjoyed by our visitors is wildlife photography. Maine wildlife photography is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty offered by Northern Maine and to capture a moment in time to cherish forever. 

The physical act of taking a good picture is relatively straightforward; however, those who hope to create a superior image of animal antics and interactions realize that it takes more than a simple point-and-click approach. As a nature enthusiast, you’ll want photos that are above adequate. While many great photographs have been made by aimlessly wandering around the North Maine woods, there are a few things you should consider to help maximize each outing. Being in the right place at the right time is easier said than done, and we’re here to help with that, but first, there are a few prerequisites you should be familiar with before embarking on a Maine wildlife photography vacation.

Master Your Camera

The sacred moments that make Maine wildlife photography so appealing can end as quickly as they began, so it’s imperative to streamline your operation when snapping shots on your Northern Maine vacation. Adjust your ISO settings concerning the lighting that surrounds you, your shutter speed, and flash. It’s also a good idea to narrow down your lens selection and have an idea of what kinds of photos you’d like to take to prevent the need to change out lenses during quintessential photo opportunities continuously. Finally, adjusting your camera settings without veering away from your eye-piece decreases the likelihood of overlooking a precious instant of Northern Maine wildlife. 

Know the Nature

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the instincts and behavioral patterns of the animals you’d like to take pictures of to instill life into your shots. While most creatures are highly unpredictable—that’s what makes it fun—they do have recurring behaviors that you can recognize by watching some videos on YouTube or reading about them. A bit of research can prove highly resourceful and distinguishes an OK image from a superior photograph. 

Review Your Photographs Daily

Make things easier on yourself by administering an inventory of your photos each day. Doing this will allow you to assess your priorities, but you’ll also be cleaning up your memory card by deleting unnecessary image files. It’s relatively easy to take dozens, if not hundreds of shots daily around Moosehead Lake, and the last thing any wildlife photographer wants is to run out of memory while in the thickets of Northern Maine. 

Maine Wildlife Photography at Moosehead Lake 

Preparing for wilderness photography can feel like a lot of work. Besides all the technicalities associated with properly operating a camera, it’s essential to be well-rested with a clear mind before and after each journey. Wilsons on Moosehead Lake have moose and other wildlife safaris available for an unrivaled, immersive Northern Maine experience. Call 207-695-2549 or visit us online for more information on Maine wildlife photography on Moosehead Lake!